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  08 Avr 2017         Posté par Marie

WE HAVE A SHOP! Bryce Dallas Howard France has been working for the past few months on a fundraising shop to support The Halo Foundation! Halo works in many countries to support children, they help providing a housing and an education for the children in needs. Bryce Dallas Howard has shown so much love and has done so much for Halo and we are loving Halo’s wonderful work so much that we decided to give back!
We have opened a shop with many products (phone cases, bracelets, stickers, shirts) made for YOU! 80% of the sales are directly going to Halo, the other 20% will help with the making of the products.
The shop will have one new product every week/two week and you are free to tell us what you want to see in it! We will do our best to please you.
All questions can be sent to brycedhowardfrance@hotmail.com and all updates can be found on the site or on Twitter!

A huge thank you to the Halo Foundation for letting us do this fundraiser and for supporting our project! đŸ™‚

L I N K T O T H E S H O P !