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Message posté par Marie le 11 Mai 2018

Los Angeles, Universal Studios. In a small trailer, on a rickety sofa, a smiling Bryce Dallas Howard . She is definitely in her natural element: those legendary locations, that the 37 years old actress has known since she was a newborn, following her father Ron , a former actor ( Happy Days ), then producer and Oscar nominated director. Not to mention that her mother, Cheryl Alley , is also an actress, just like her maternal grandparents, and her uncle Clint. Bryce , in short, spent more time on sets than in a house.

Her latest film titled Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom (on screens on 7 June), is the second chapter of the trilogy, directed by JA Bayona. She comes back as Claire Dearing, the park manager: she is – in the most emblematic scene – running, with stiletto heels, chased by dinosaurs. In person Bryce is anything but different. She wears a pair of comfortable slippers and a simple black dress: it’s so out of fashion that you immediately enjoy it. But with her resumé she does not need to impress the journalist: she studied at the Tisch School of the Arts with Stella Adler, she acted in different plays, she worked with M. Night Shyamalan, Lars von Trier, Kenneth Branagh and in mega productions like Spider- Man and Twilight . The American press likes to call her “the happiest person of Hollywood”, a label that makes her smile. She has a smily and shinny face, but she confesses to us also having a dark side.

It all started when you were still taking a bottle that you would bring on set…
“Not only that: my father always tells me that, in my first year, they took me to the cinema 25 times. And I stood there quietly, without disturbing anyone.”

What is the first film you remember? 
“ET : I pointed my finger at the screen and said, “ET flies!”. I was about 18 months old, a poster of ET over the crib and an ET puppet that would protect me. I was in love with the story! It is the same intense emotion that I feel every time I act or I watch a film that I love: I feel more human, closer to others. For me it is something fundamental to survive, spiritual and emotional.”

A family inheritance? 
“Yes, a passion that my father has cultivated in me since I was a child because he saw me curious and excited every time we talked about cinema. I was four years old, I went to see all the “dailies” (the content shot during the day) and I wanted to be part of the crew: I did not care about acting, my dream was to be a help the director. The worst thing that could happen to me at the time? When, as a punishment, they forbade me to go on set.”

But you were a model child! 
“When I lacked respect for my mother, the punishment was lightning-fast!”

How old were you for your first role? 
“I had to wait until I was seven, another family tradition.”

Let’s stay on the subject of Hollywood during your childhood: it is said that Tom Cruise was your babysitter. 
“No, not a real babysitter … Tom and Nicole (Nicole Kidman) wanted to start a family – they were wonderful with children – and, during the shooting of Rebel Hearts (in 1992, the director was Ron Howard), they spent a lot of time with us. Tom had fun with acrobatics and tricks of all kinds.”

Let’s talk about your less known, experimental and darker professional life. 
“It was an important part of my growth. Funny that you ask me now … Joe Wright, who directed me in Black Mirror (the British television series), said recently to my father: “Bryce is a paradox because she is the image of the carefree girl, she dresses and lives in the most normal way possible, but she also has an extreme aspect, between experimental art and the dark world “. In fact, I played naked many times when I was 18 and 19, and I did a lot of performances. In Hamletmachine , produced by Theater Mitu, I was stunned for 45 minutes. In Eat Cake I had to eat all the time, and there was a transgender woman who was screaming at me in the background of a song by Britney Spears … I also spent a summer in Amsterdam doing experimental theater.”

And what else do you hide, that could be surprising? 
“When I was very young, I did not drink or use drugs and in high school I did not want to go out with boys. When I met Seth (Seth Gabel, actor too), my husband, I was 19 years old: it was love at first sight, with him I have a peaceful and solid family life. In work, however, I want to get involved and risk things.”

Like you did with Lars von Trier?
“I saw the waves of fate 20 times when I was in high school. It was sexually intense, enthralling, mature: exactly what I was looking for and passionate about in a movie. Then filming with him in Manderlay was a wonderful experience.”

Intrepid artist and model wife. 
“In a way, this is also in the family DNA: my grandparents have been together since 19 years old, my parents since they were 16, same story for my sister. Seth and I were lucky: we live the usual conjugal misunderstandings, especially when we are exhausted, but these are situations that can be forgotten.”

How do you remember your meeting with him? 
When I saw him I broke into hives, it was stronger than me, I had a phenomenal physical reaction! (laughs) I went home and wrote in my diary: “I met the man I will marry”.

You have directed short films and music videos (with Lily Collins), and will be soon behind the camera for your first feature film. 
Yes, I will direct Sorta Like a Rock Star , based on the novel by Matthew Quick and produced by Netflix. It is the story of Amber, an optimistic person who sees the world with pink lenses and is dedicated to everyone, but then discover that she is homeless and has a mother who does drugs, who will end up raped and murdered. Very, very dark, only at the end there is a breath of hope.

Are you telling us that there is a pinch of Bryce Dallas Howard in Amber? 
“Just a little something, the context is completely different.”(x)